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Te Puawai Songs

Here is the link for all the songs that you need to be practicing if you couldn't find it before!


Pou Mihi!

Hey, everyone! So now that we all know the Pou Mihi its time to polish up the actions and speed and work on chanting it even better.

Watch this example of Pa Jack showing us how to do the actions, and what the right speed sounds like!

Kia kaha e hoa mai!


We need to learn the lyrics for this song. Keep working hard and come performance time we will be ready.


This was our first sing through of IO after the school holidays!

Nga Tewhatewha Group for 2016Akiva Rungarunga Y6 Josh Smit Y6 Mollie Gardiner Y6 Josh Mulcahey Y6 Ariana Buttar Y6 Tyler Bron Y6 Tia Wallace Y6 Calum Mercer Y6 Kiana Ben Tinsley Y6 Abby-Rose Vincent Gash Y6 Kyla Davis Leevi Nicholson Y5 Ilah Beattie Kyan Mooney Y6 Alex Robson - Y6

AOTEAROA - Keep learning the words!

Nō tawhiti, nō tata nō te whenua o te Atua tātou ahakoa nō hea mai koe ka whawhai tonu mātou mōu x2
E Ihowa atua o ngā iwi mātou rā āta whakarongona (girls) me aroha noa   (boys) kia hua ko te pai (girls kia tau tō atawhai (girls) manaakitia mai (all together)
Aotearoa! ( Lead group girls hold note)  (chorus)